Followers, Maxim Dondyuk present his first documentary CRIMEA SICH, which was filmed shortly before the Maidan and the annexation of the Crimea, and which tells the background of these events. In summer 2013, together with his brotherНиколай Дондюк (Nikolay Dondyuk), he went to the Crimea to document the military training camp for children, later it turned out that we took the very last year of its existence.

For the last year, together with the team, Maxim are working hard to create the film, They have already completed the script and started the editing. Up to this point I’ve covered all expenses out of  own pockets. But now Maxim Dondyuk  asking for your help and support in order to complete the film and tell this story to the world.

More information about the film you’ll find on this page And remember, even if you are not able to support maxim by pledging, you can do it by sharing his Kickstarter campaign among your friends and relatives. The more people know, the closer they are to the goal! Thank you in advance!