Giorgos Moutafis (Greece)

The Face of Racism 

Brutal attacks and hate crimes have become an almost daily phenomenon in Greece. Racially motivated violence against migrants and refugees has increased dramatically. Although Greece seems racked by racist attacks during the last year, incidents began well before 2013. 

The seriousness of the problem has expanded in the wake of Greece's financial crisis, creating a terrifying xenophobic and anti-immigrant sentiment in an unprecedented recession in Greek society. 

The true extent of racist violence in Greece is unknown and the recorded incidents are considered to be not even the tip of the iceberg. 

Victims are indiscriminately attacked because of the colour of their skin and presumed religion. Brutality knows no borders.  

The perpetrators often chose their victims after confirming their lack of legal documents, so as to make sure that the way to justice or police is blocked and thus guaranteeing impunity. 

With limited access to asylum procedures, very few work opportunities and no recourse to public services or protection, migrants' situation is rapidly deteriorating and they serve as the best scapegoats. 

Text : Christina Psarra 

Giorgos Moutafis was born in Athens - Greece (1977) and had his first encounter with photography at the 18+ Photography Team in 2006 and graduated from the Focus School of Art Photography in 2007. He is currently studying Digital Film Making in SAE Athens.

Today, based in Athens, he works as a freelance photojournalist and filmaker. His work has been published in Newsweek, Time, Paris Match, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Guardian, CBS ,Courrier International, BBC, CNN.

Giorgos has produced pictures of humanitarian crises and conflicts in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Kosovo, Gaza Strip, Turkey, South Sudan, Haiti and Swaziland.

He has dedicated the last years to a long - term project on immigration, focused on the European paths - gates of immigration.


2013 – PX3

2012 - Finalist, Vilnius Photo Circle

2012 - PX3

2012 - Shortlist, Sony World Photography Awards

2010 - 1st prize Vilnius Photo Circle

2009 - 1st prize Young Greek Photographers Contest

2009 - Finalist, Luis Valtuena Humanitarian competition

2009 - Nominated, Joop Swart Master Class