Fausto Podavini (Italy) - WINNER


Mirella is the story of a woman, a mother, a wife, a grandmother.

Mirella is 71 years old, she spent 43 years of her life with the only person she loved.

43 years of sharing, difficulties, laughs and beautiful moments: a family, a house, values handed down. In the last 6 years something changed, Mirella had to fight against her husband’s illness, the Alzheimer.

She devoted her life to him. She became his caregiver looking forward with devotion, strength and love… as long as there is life there is hope…even if memories are slowly wasted day by day relentlessly.

What could it be more dolorous than not to be recognized anymore by the person she loved, her life partner?

Mirella is the love story of a woman for her husband, a woman suddenly forced to face on her own the biggest difficulty experienced, made by hopes and unbelief, pain and resignation, sorrow and powerlessness.

Mirella spent her life next her husband, she never abandoned him; not in hospital, nor with external assistance until his last day, he died with immense pain in his house among his loved ones.

He died in the same house where they spent their whole life together. 

Fausto Podavini. Born in Rome, he works and lives in his home town. He obtained a Master's Degree in Reportage from the Photographic Academy John Kaverdash in Milan.

After starting as studio photographer, he decided to concentrate his work on reportage as a freelance, collaborating with different NGOs to realise reportages in Italy, Peru, Kenya and Ethiopia.

In 2009 he started to collaborate with WSP Photographers and he joined the group in 2010, where alongside the photographer's role he is also a teacher of photojournalism.

In addition to various reports in Africa, South America and India, he has carried out important work in Italy, such as a report on sport for disabled people, a job in a juvenile prison and a work on Alzheimer's disease.

Amongst the different acknowledgements obtained, in addition to the 2013 World Press Photo, he won the 2013 Sony Awards, the 2013 PX3, the 2012 Winephoto, the PDN in the Photojournalism/Sports/Documentary in 2012, the World Report Awards in 2011, photographer of the year FIOF in 2011, the PhotoAid in 2011 and the National Geographic in 2009, followed by several honourable mentions in contests at world wide level (Leica, KLM, Marie Claire).

He has also published in numerous magazines and his photography have been exhibited in different cities such as Rome, Milan, Buenos Aires, New York, Paris, London and Kuala Lumpur.